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A Korean family with a big mission to serve

Started from the quiet town of Winchester, the founders, James & Kelly envisioned an opportunity to serve fresh and international products towards the established American and growing immigrant community.

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I recently moved to the Cordova area and I was looking for a farmers market and this location popped up. I got there and all I can say is that I’m so impressed. I purchased several types of fresh fruits, hibiscus leaves for homemade drinks, life catfish, king crab and fresh vegetables for cheaper than the usual price. Very friendly staff too!

Regina Alabere

Memphis, Tennessee

Plenty of fresh produce, meat and seafood. Large collection of Korean, Japanese and Chinese specialty options. Has many spices and herbs that I have a hard time finding elsewhere. Provides disposable gloves and disinfecting spray outside the entrance. Can be crowded inside at peak hours but generally, the store is large enough to accommodate.

Peter Zalaya

Cordova, Tennessee

They get 5 stars for the unbelievably large selection of produce they have.  They have a number of unusual international products.  I believe they have 50 or more types of rice!! It is fun to see all of the unique types of fruits and vegetables that are uncommon to the US.

Vicki Wilson

Cordova, Tennessee

As someone who has come to love South Korea later in life, this place is a such a fun place to discover the wonderful flavors that the Koreans have to offer.  The produce is always fresh and the selection of spices is so much fun.  Thanks guys!

Eileen Summers

Cordova, Tennessee

Racism and discrimination has no place at Cordova Farmers Market.
We support our community and meaningful change in the world.