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"Food allows us to understand and appreciate our community's new and established cultures" -Founders

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Our mission is to provide quality ingredients for the community

Started from the quiet town of Memphis, the founders, James & Kelly envisioned a business to serve fresh and international products towards the American and growing immigrant community.

“As an international grocery, we are providers to the community and must provide the best selection and service. We serve with Quality and Empathic solutions”

James & Kelly

Founders of Cordova Farmers Market
Best Quality

Quality is more than making a good presentation

100% Fresh Produce

We discover, support, and provide the best produce to the community.

International Selections

The founders understood the needs of the international community.

Local Buyers

We support our small business distributors and suppliers.

Business Supporters

We provide businesses opportunities to generate wealth and goodwill.

Our produce

From the farms to your home

We value the process of discovering, supporting, and providing the best quality produce to the Memphis community.

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We discover America's farms and suppliers


We buy and support local farmers markets


We provide fresh produce for the family

Our History

We started as a small home garden back in 1978

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Our Team

Behind every great product, there is a great team

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Thomas Meyer

Founder of Farm

Olivia Howell

Founder of Farm

Jonathan Scott

Founder of Farm

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