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About Us

Company Vision

Cordova Farmer’s Market is an international grocery store with intercontinental selections of fresh produce, goods, and ingredients. Based in Memphis, we are happy to provide our customers with a vast range of goods to discover and share other cultures through food.

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International Identity

Food is one of the first steps to learn and appreciate other cultures in our Memphis community.

Fresh Produce

We scout all over USA as well as overseas to find and sell the best produce to our grocery.

Payment Process

We accept cash and all credit cards except American Express

What We Can Do

Check out the recent additions to our autumn collection and be fashionable!

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The Founder

Look beyond butternut squash’s intimidating hard skin, and you’ll find a bright orange
flesh, buttery texture and slightly sweet, nutty flavor — with so many meal possibilities!
Why should you make butternut squash your go-to ingredient for fall and winter meals?